Classes for players

Learn to play CRAPS and other casino games.  Learn to maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.  Learn the how's and why's of the individual bets, and be comfortable at the tables.
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Meet Marty, the Professor of Crapology.

It's hands on learning...we play - and have fun, and you have nothing to lose!  Being a Casino Host we can talk the workings of the casino from the inside, junkets, credit lines, comps and all. As a Casino Rep I comp players at the casinos so I know how it all works.

Is this you?   You've purchased your airline tickets and bound for the learn to play and become an educated casino CRAPS player.

You've already bought the books and videos on how to win at the casino...but are they working?

Can you really learn from a book or do you need to go to class?

Think about it. If it's so easy - why are the casinos taking all your $$$$$$?

If you've always been intimidated by the fast-paced action of Craps, if the large green surface with all the betting options perplexes you, here's your chance to get comfortable with the most exciting game in the casino.

Rules, theory, odds, house percentages,...

1) Do you know why the FIELD is not as an attractive bet as it appears?
2) Do you know why to never bet the BIG 6 or BIG 8?
3) Do you know why a C & E bet on the come out roll isn't a real hedge?
4) Do you know what is the only real hedge bet in the game?
5) Do you know what are the pros, and cons, of Come Bets v. Place Bets?
6) Do you know... and more....

Marty Seldin, a Denver based, Nevada gaming licensed Casino Rep / Casino Host, and President of Club Vegas, Inc., has been teaching players for over 20 years the how to of Craps.

So grab a bunch of your friends, step up to the table, put your chips in the rack and let me show you how it's done.

Class location: 1807 So. Pearl St., Denver, CO 80210
Other locations available by special arrangement.

For current class schedules, please call or email or search for Crapology on Craigslist.

Become a casino player of mine and after your first rated casino trip, receive a 50% refund on the cost of the class.

Really learn the game before you choose to play.

Private, group and special classes are also available; call for details.