VIP Trips

We offer trips to Las Vegas, Reno, Caribbean, Canada, cruises...domestic or international... New Year's, Superbowl or anywhere, anytime...

Celebrate New Year's at the Tropicana
Are you a comped casino player?   Do you think you should be?   Do you want to be?

Are you getting the personal attention and customer service you desire?

Are you tired of the routine corporate experience?

Are you looking for something different in your casino experience?

How about playing at a casino in the Caribbean for a change?

Or what about something different in Las Vegas instead of the same old same old?

How about going to Las Vegas and being made to feel like a true VIP, made to feel special by that Casino Host who takes a personal interest?

If you're a player, let me accommodate you like the VIP that you are. Comped rooms, credit lines, limos. ...I've got it all for you. Let me be your CASINO HOST. Let me make this FUN for you, like it was back in the Rat Pack Days.

Trips can be incorporated into group junkets, or individualized to meet your specific needs.

"Over 20 years ago when I first called, Marty has turned into the best bet I ever made."  ~Robert K.

"Marty has taken care of me as a VIP like none other". ~ Husker Troy

Even if you've received an offer from a casino, please call me so that I can make your casino arrangements.